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Your Downtown Go-To for Noodles and Beer

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From the moment you met, there was just... a profound connection.

You knew instantly that you and noodles would be very happy together.

So today’s the perfect occasion to announce Sai Sai Noodle Bar, your new Downtown go-to lunch spot for a big bowl of noodles under the Biltmore, now open.

You might remember Sai Sai, that classic, kinda-pricey Asian spot that sat on this corner forever. Well, now it’s... not that—it’s a bright, airy mix of color and bamboo. Come by on your lunch break, walk up to the counter (the first signal that things are different now) and order your bowl.

As for what’s in the bowl with the noodles: they’ve got pho. They’ve got pork and kimchi ramen. They’ve got lobster miso ramen. They’ve even got a banh mi ramen, which is like a pork belly sandwich in a bowl. (Yes, there’s even some bread thrown in.)

Whatever you order, somebody will bring it all out to you, at which point you’ll have everything you need for a successful work lunch: plenty of large TVs in view, free wi-fi and a cold Lobotomy Bock... or a less ominously named beer. Stay till 3pm “working” on your “spreadsheet,” and suddenly it’s happy hour.

Or as you call it, dessert.

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