Scene Report

Rubbing Elbows with VIPs at Breakfast

You may have heard: the masters of the universe can go back to their favorite morning haunt. Yes, Seasons restaurant at the Four Seasons has returned after a two-month, $1 million renovation. It’s bigger and it’s less yellow, but to bring you the hard data, we checked it out:

5: Distance, in feet, between most tables, so as to discourage eavesdroppers. (They’re out there. They’re always out there.)

20 to 26: Numbers of the newly added power tables along the rear window, where you can have the sun at your back while surveying the whole room.

7: Seconds it will take you to get from table 22 to the door to hand Madeleine Albright your white paper on turning North Korea into “Disney Asia.”

3: Spectacled, Brooks Brothers–clad gentlemen you might mistake for George Will on a given morning.

1: Actual George Wills.

4: Soft armchairs in the new breakfast bar/lounge area where you can have your coffee and take in CNN on the flat-screen.

3: Sliders in the order of breakfast sliders (pork sausage, eggs, aged cheddar, housemade buns).

1: New dish that would be considered dessert at any other time of day (the ‘Smashed’ Chocolate Croissant French Toast).

65: Approximate temperature when you’ll want to take your power-breakfasting outside to the new patio, complete with sectional sofas and umbrellas.

0: Umbrellas you get in your coffee when you sit outside.


at Four Seasons
2800 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC, 20007


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