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Governor’s Lodge, by the Numbers

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Gerald Ford: never struck us as a “living in a mountainous lap of luxury” type of guy. Turns out, we were wrong. The proof: Governor’s Lodge, Jerry’s palatial ski-in, ski-out chalet in Vail, available now for your private ski weekends and romps through Beaver Creek. Here’s the grand tour, by the numbers.

Years Ford vacationed here: 1983–2006
Age Jerry lived to: 93 (older than any other president)
Odds that had something to do with his two-swims-a-day habit in the chalet’s indoor pool: 1:1
Square feet of rustic, woodsy Ford-ness you’ll be free to roam inside: almost 10,000
Private ski runs you’ll have access to outside: 1
Times you’ll yell “mush” on the nearby dogsledding trails: infinite
Bedrooms you’ll have to break in: 7
Friends who’ll be able to (theoretically) sleep here: at least 16
Recent renovations that involved restoring the presidential seal in the grand entrance: 1
Presidential seals you require for grand entrances: conveniently, 1
Total number of rooms dedicated to couch-filled theaters, spas, wet bars or hot tubs: 4
Percentage of your time you’ll spend in the dedicated massage room: 50 to 75, depending on your skiing acumen
Years since the poker/billiards room was last used to house Secret Service agents: 6
Secret Service agents you normally travel with: classified

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