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Blue Valentine

Burgers and Old Fashioneds in a Farmhouse

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The incredible athleticism. The heart-stopping final moments. The unbelievable miscues.

But enough about Madonna’s halftime show. You’ve got to move on. And look forward to a great week of burgers and Old Fashioneds on tap...

Take a look at Blue Cow, your new Downtown farmhouse for sandwiches, burgers and cocktails from the esteemed Mendocino Farms empire, opening Thursday on Grand.

First off, think of a delicious sandwich at Mendocino Farms. The chalkboards on the wall, the occasional decorative blue cow—all that. But mostly the delicious sandwich. Now transport it all to a bucolic farmhouse in the old Casa space, upgrade the food beyond mere sandwiches and add some big barrels of pecan-infused whiskey for those Old Fashioneds. And you’ve got... your dream apartment. Also, this place.

So yes, this is definitely your new go-to for an easy work lunch with friends. And there’s a to-go counter at the back if you’ve only got a few minutes. But you should also consider bringing a date here after dark, grabbing a big private circular booth and hiding out with Pink Eggs and Ham (beet-marinated deviled eggs with bacon), a half-pound burger on a buttermilk bun and a Cherry Ricky Soda, made with vodka and lambic raspberry beer.

As all sodas should be. 

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