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If The Call of the Wild Was a Store

None Lately, you’ve been thinking about getting back to nature.

Something about rescuing Liam Neeson from a murderous pack of wolves.

But you can’t just go rushing off into the woods with only your wits.

You need some serious supplies.

... And to look good for the sequel.

Say hello to Wood and Metal, an accurately named website with all the best supplies you need to rough it in the woods (or at least look like you could), online now.

Imagine Bear Grylls opened a general supply store. That’s this site—the loving act of a fishing, hunting, trail-taking Pacific Northwesterner (and blogger) making sure you’ve got the best and best-looking gear for the great outdoors. Because in the wild, you’ll have needs. You’ll need sunglasses. Probably handmade Washingtonian moccasins. And you’ll need them to be handsome.

So picture your adventure: it’s you and your trusty yellow lab, Spartacus. He’s outfitted with Musher’s Secret Paw Protection (which is real) for your perilous treks. You: clearing paths with a Council Tool machete that’s basically an exact replica (but better, we’re sure) of the knives they were making 125 years ago. You’ve also got some sporting aviators for the glaring sun and rainproof notebooks for jotting down your deepest thoughts.

Thoreau never left home without them.

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