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A Downtown Seafood Legend Returns

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A brief history of fish:

About 390 million years ago: a fish strolls onto land and into the history books.

1991: Water Grill opens, and Downtown seafood feasts become legend.

2011: Water Grill closes, and you get kind of sad.

Today: The all-new Water Grill opens—it’s more modern, it’s airier and it’s bulked up on lobster tanks and Negronis. Now let’s have a look around.

It’s a lot different in here, like the 21st-century remake of itself. Think gleaming oak floors instead of worn carpet, a more open central bar area and a window into the kitchen. Also, a couple of big lobster tanks (one for spiny, one for Maine) and a marble raw bar to remind you why you’re here: seafood. Lots of seafood.

So yes, this place still works for a Downtown power meal of crab cakes and Mediterranean loup de mer. (They heard you, and they didn’t mess with the crab cakes. They wouldn’t dare.)

But now that it feels a little less... conservative in here, you’ll also want to keep this place in mind for more casual, spontaneous situations. Like when you just want a bar stool, a view of the game and a Brooklyn #2 (rye, sweet vermouth, maraschino) or a Yeti Imperial Stout immediately. While you’re there, maybe some Atlantic True Cod Fish and Chips.

So much better than false cod.


Water Grill
544 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90071


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