Bulletproof Clothing Fit for the Office

None The workplace.

It’s getting more and more dangerous.

The paper cuts. The toner ink. The occasional slug from a .44 Magnum being fired at you (mergers).

You need protection. Protection that’s less SWAT and more swank.

We can help.

Presenting Miguel Caballero Bulletproof Attire, a line of clothing that can be made to block gunfire from an Uzi, available now.

These are the kind of threads Kevin Costner’s Frank Farmer would sport while protecting Whitney Houston’s character in The Bodyguard (they work for non-divas, too).

Here’s why: each item—be it a jacket, vest, dress shirt or V-neck sweater—has been certified by the US Department of Justice (the gold standard of body-armor-fashion endorsements). Thanks to a custom liner with removable ballistic panels, you can opt for protection on the lighter side (say, from a .22 caliber pistol) to medium (9mm and mini Uzis) to heavy-duty “this is a raid” levels (.44 Magnum).

Everyone from Prince Felipe of Spain to Steven Seagal has donned this stuff, and if you want in on the fun, you can go big (an appointment at their showroom in Mexico City) or start with a custom cotton polo shirt you can order online.

Casual Friday just got a lot more mercenary-y.


Miguel Caballero Bulletproof Attire

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