Smells Fishy

A Cologne That Makes Excuses

None It happens.

You get home late.

Really late.

Like, no excuses, possible APB-on-someone-matching-your-description late.

Relax. It’s okay. A South African gentlemen’s club has your back.

Allow us to shine a light on Alibis, a new line of colognes that smell like somewhat plausible reasons for you being out until dawn, being produced in Cape Town’s nightlife community right now.

First of all, one tiny caveat: for now, you can only get it in the club. (You’ll figure it out.)

Once you do, you’ll have three gloriously ridiculous excuses for showing up at ungodly hours. One combines top notes of cigarettes with a hint of coffee to support claims that you were working late (which, technically, might be true). Another: the classic bouquet of My Car Broke Down. Then the last one’s a little tour de force in the form of an aroma that is, honest to God, called Been Out Sailing (for professionals only).

Because we care, we’ll omit the beginning of how this’ll go. Suffice it to say you’ll walk home having already spritzed yourself here and there. And when you return to a certain unhappy someone, you’ll take a deep breath, stand firm and lay out your scent-enhanced tale.

Or just say you got a night job selling terrible cologne.

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