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Training Like a Navy SEAL

None A few weeks in, your resolution’s starting to feel... ambitious.

There are temptations. Moments of weakness. Corn dog stands practically begging for your attention.

Yep, your dream of becoming a Navy SEAL is looking a lot tougher.

It’s time for some assistance.

Meet Dallas Military Fitness, a workout crew that lets you live out your SEAL Team Six fantasies one push-up at a time, taking bookings now.

Founded by a former Navy SEAL, this thing’s as close to real-life SEAL training as you can get—without the inconvenience of actually, you know, enlisting.

You’ll start by choosing a training program—either three classes per week or just Saturdays. You’ll also need some workout attire: military boots and battle dress uniforms. (That’s BDUs to you, private.)

Your training ground: White Rock Lake. Your trainer: Chief Instructor Miller. (Go ahead, call him “sir.”) You’ll sign some waivers, and then all hell will break loose. For the next hour, you’ll be doing push-ups, performing crunches with your “rifle” (technically, an eight-pound stick) and running while carrying a log over your head. If a Hummer shows up, then you’ll probably be pushing it up a hill. If it rains on your training day, well, you’re still training.

After a month, you’ll do the SEAL training test—called the “PT” for physical test—to analyze your strength and endurance.

Warning: this might be why you signed those waivers.


Dallas Military Fitness
Winfrey Point Dr
Dallas, TX, 75218

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