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Sirloin and Spiked Ice Cream in Hollywood

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You come to Hollywood, you learn the three-act structure pretty quickly: setup, conflict, payoff.

Ideally, all three acts involve booze.

Introducing Hollywood’s new after-dark spot called Sadie, an old-timey trifecta of drinks, dinner and... dessert drinks, taking reservations now for its January 24 debut  in the former home of Les Deux.

So, Act One: you enter a simple cocktail bar off Las Palmas and order a Kentucky Ninja—it’s got whiskey, lemon juice and lavender-infused honey. That would be plenty, honestly. But that’s just the beginning.

At some point you’ll notice a brick-and-wood-paneled corridor. Guide your date down said corridor. It leads to a rustic dining room anchored by a central bar, and around the edges are private booths, a glass-encased wine closet and an old photo of a woman hugging a tiger. That’s Sadie, the owners’ grandmother. (The woman, not the tiger.)

For Act Two—dinner—you’ll proceed to the enormous enclosed patio, a stone-walled hideaway of trees and communal tables, to settle in for a dry-aged prime sirloin. (It’s LA. You take your sirloin alfresco whenever possible.)

And for Act Three: return to the bar for a couple of stools and some alcohol-enhanced dessert like Sadie’s Float, which involves Campari and some bitters-flavored ice cream.

We won’t give away the twist ending.


1638 N Las Palmas Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90028


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