Back on Track

Thinking about Getting Away Again, Faster

Labor Day is officially over, which means your white suit is headed into storage and the summertime Hamptons drive is giving way to a reliably gridlocked Midtown cab ride.

That is, unless you've got a trick up your sleeve...

Welcome to Supercar Life, your ticket to a day of speed, scenery and some of the fastest cars you've ever seen, now taking reservations for a big track outing next Wednesday.

Just make the trek across the river to New Jersey Motorsports Park, a month-old settlement outside Atlantic City with a pair of winding two-mile tracks stacked with challenging corners and hills. Supercar will bring along the other goodies: a set of sports cars unlike anything you could round up without taking out a subprime mortgage or two.

You'll have a Ferrari F430 for speed, a Porsche Turbo 997 for roadster-style handling and an Aston Martin DB9 in case you want to play Bond for a few laps. (Unfortunately, they left the ejector seat at home.) You can take your turn with each one and get some pointers on each ride from professional closed-course drivers while you're at it. If you're feeling lavish, the Supercar folks will set you up with a car out of the city the night before, along with a place to rest your head while you're prepping for the next day's drive.

Think of it as a preemptive pit stop.

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