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Wherever you are in Los Angeles, there’s one steadfast rule:

At no time should you be more than five minutes from short rib.

Take a sneak peek at Post & Beam, the new off-grid Baldwin Hills restaurant from celeb chef Govind Armstrong and a partner from BLT Steak, set to soft-open around the new year.

You’ve got fond memories of the chef’s short rib—he used to work it into burger meat and grilled cheeses at Table 8 and 8oz. Now he’s in Baldwin Hills. So say you’re craving it on some penne these days—or on its own. And say you’ve also got a date with a limber instructor from the Debbie Allen Dance Academy next door: this is now officially a two-birds-one-stone situation.

On a nice night, stick to the patio. It’ll soon be flush with herbs, vegetables and lemon trees. Unless you want some bustle. Then step into what looks like a mid-century winter home in Palm Springs. From your corner table, you can see the bar, the open kitchen, the open-hearth broiler... and you’re pretty sure you see San Diego Stone IPA, Central Coast pinot noir and turkey-meatball pizzas circulating.

You can spot a turkey-meatball pizza from a mile away.
Note: <a href="" target="_blank">Post & Beam</a>, scheduled to soft-open around January 3, 323-299-5599, <a href= "" target= "_blank">see the menu</a> and <a href= "" target="_blank">the slideshow</a>

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