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Short Rib and Bourbon in Culver City

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Last New Year’s, you resolved to get more involved in the arts. Update: you’ve got 12 days left to make good on this.

Let’s get you fueled up with some short rib and bourbon first.

Welcome to Batch, a shiny, airy beacon of red meats and intriguing cocktails in the heart of Culver City’s gallery scene, opening today on Washington.

So say you met somebody at a bar. Somebody who invited you to a gallery show. And in this case, you fully intend to show up. But first, you’ll swing by here after work, take a seat anywhere along the lengthy slab of Carrara marble bar and try a Drunken Sow—think bacon-infused bourbon and cinnamon bitters from a Church & State vet.

Then you’re ready for the show—well, maybe an Apple Blossom first (it’s vodka, apples and orange flower water).

And then, say the show’s great. You’re actually into it. You meet a bunch of crazy people—crazy in a good way—and everybody’s hungry. Bring ’em back here for a spread of Short Rib in Stout Chocolate Mole. The room’s filled with bamboo, poured concrete and a massive honeycomb sculpture thing hanging from the ceiling, so you’ll sort of feel like you’re in another gallery.

You’re pretty into the bourbon art scene.

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