American Eatery

Meat and Greet

Meat Shop Adds Lunch in the Ferry Building

Soon enough, you’ll be making resolutions. Cutting back.

Which means you’ve got approximately 15 days to live it up.

Or, more accurately, 15 breakfasts and 15 lunches to make count.

Here to help: American Eatery, the meat-obsessed breakfast, lunch and takeout restaurant offshoot of Prather Ranch Meat Co.’s meat shop, now open in the Ferry Building.

Since you’re already familiar with the shop and its freshly butchered whole-animal cuts, you’ll know to head toward the south side of the Ferry Building (in case you forgot your compass: toward MarketBar). Only they’ve moved across the aisle and decked out their stall with tile and 140-year-old cedar planks from a barn on their ranch in Siskiyou.

To be clear, it’s standing room only, takeout only, and here to quickly and gracefully crank out comfort-food staples: made-to-order burgers, meatball subs and fries fried in beef tallow (think old-school McD’s).

In about a week, they’ll roll their hot dog cart out to the corner and have grab-and-go hot dogs and chili dogs.

Thus completing the meat-delivery trifecta.


American Eatery
by Prather Ranch Meat Co.
1 Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA, 94111

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