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Indian Food Until 3am in Hollywood

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The time: 2:30am.

The place: Hollywood.

The desperate, desperate need: a big pile of Indian food for you and your 12 new friends from the Roosevelt.

The solution: Urban Masala, your new Hollywood Boulevard go-to for some samosas and naan bread until 3am on the weekends, soft-opening today.

It looks like an Indian place from the future—a sharply lined square of brick, orange walls and long metal communal tables. They open at 11am daily, so if you just want to come by with coworkers for a quick, easy lunch of chicken tikka naan rolls (like a wrap, but with naan bread), this works.

And yes, once they get their license, they’ll be pouring beer and wine. So it’ll also totally work for the low-key dinner half of a dinner-and-the-ArcLight date. (You’ll need a drink if you’re getting roped into New Year’s Eve.)

But given your propensity for late nights in the area, you’ll want to keep it on your radar for the next time you’ve just bowled a turkey at the Spare Room... and you’ve suddenly got to celebrate with some lamb curry.

Bowling and Indian food: a classic combination.

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