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Cocktails and Short-Rib Ravioli at the Ritz

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The Ritz.

Kind of a loaded word.

Not in a gold bullion sort of way—more like mild stuffiness.

Well, things are looking a little different these days...

Introducing Parallel 37, the swanky, reimaged and far more boozed-up cocktail bar, lounge and restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton, opening Monday on Nob Hill.

Previously known for harps, velvet curtains and the ladies-who-lunch crowd, this is a more dressed-down, sleek, woodsy outpost primed for those semi-celebratory nights (toasting the beginning of a new week counts).

What was once the Dining Room has now been opened up to include the imposing, U-shaped black marble bar and dimly lit lounge with low-backed leather chairs. And it’s here—with Maritime Sours or a tequila-laced Missionary March—where you’ll likely spend most of your nights.

As far as dining is concerned, now you’ll have à la carte options (chicken wings and short-rib ravioli) instead of the nine-course prix fixe. And if you’re partial to taking your meals on wine-soaked wood, you’ll want to reserve the six-seat chef’s table made of staves from wine casks.

Oh, and there’s a side door that’ll put you ever so conveniently at the bar.

Which ought to work out nicely.

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