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Renting Out the Governor’s Old Ranch

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Not too long ago, there was a magical place.

A 2,500-acre playland of skeet shooting and horseback riding.

There, a well-connected man named John would unwind. Sometimes, he entertained folks like the Rockefellers and a handsome prince named JFK.

The end.

Actually, that’s not the end. Because now—21 years after that man left the place—you can rent out the whole damn thing.

Meet Picosa Ranch, the former Floresville estate of Governor John Connally, available now to rent for the first time ever.

To be clear, you could just rent a suite. But we’re thinking you go with the “whole damn thing” route. (Using the place’s landing strip: up to you.)

The accommodations: like a barn turned rustic man cave, with stuffed deer heads and cowhide rugs, a pool table and a hand-carved bar. Your guests (lobbyists, speechwriters, Cuban) can crash in the 26 suites, each one filled with signed photos of LBJ and JFK. Oh, and the whole place overlooks a lagoon-style pool. (Cuban loves a good swim-up bar.)

In your downtime, you can fish for bass or battle your writers on the tennis court. (Maybe pass on quail hunting with VPs.) Come dinnertime, you’ll head back inside. As the chef prepares your venison, you’ll look out as the sun sets over the prairie.

It’s good to be the governor.

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