The Creperie on Newbury

Holy Crepe

Sushi Crepes and French Wine on Newbury

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Take a look around you.

Record the time, and what you’re doing.

Because everything you ever thought about crepes is about to change, thanks to a new high-end creperie rising up on Newbury. With a full bar.

Behold: The Creperie on Newbury, a potentially revolutionary lunch and dinner-ish house of Roasted Quail Crepes, French wine and cereal, opening a week from today at the Newbury Guest House in the Back Bay.

If someone took a cozy-but-modern creperie and threw it in that transporter thingy from The Fly along with the walls of a recording studio (read: noise-reducing acoustic paneling) and attached the whole thing to a 19th-century brownstone turned boutique hotel, you’d basically have this (always good to have a hotel room within reach of dinner).

Paint this in your mind: it’s next week. You’ve just locked up the last of your holiday shopping list (Mom’s going to love that Ove Glove) before you and a slinky date plan to meet here.

You’ll belly up to the eight-seat bar, survey the almost exclusively French wine and champagne list (this is a crepe joint) and then decide whether it’s a classic crepe night, or something more exotic. Think: Lobster Newburg Crepes, Peking Duck Crepes and Tuna Tataki Crepes, which are basically sushi with rice crepes instead of seaweed.

Raw fish and crepes. Together at last.


The Creperie on Newbury
at the Newbury Guest House
261 Newbury St
Boston, MA, 02116


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