Dear Mom

Mother’s Day

A Playroom with a Bar, in the Mission

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Bars and stiff drinks: a solid beginning.

But that’s not the end-all, be-all.

There’s the crowd. The vibe. Whether or not they have a giant Connect Four.

Priorities, people...

Welcome Dear Mom, a low-key watering hole with a four-foot-tall Connect Four, arcade machines, a pool table and an all-day French menu, now open on the corner of 16th and Harrison.

If you take anything away from this, it’s that Dear Mom is the closest version of the downstairs playroom you dreamed of having as a kid, only in bar form. So you’ll be able to stop in after work to decompress with one of their 80 whiskeys as you run through round-robins of Donkey Kong and Connect Four until two in the morning.

Despite the fact that hand-eye coordination diminishes exponentially per drink, you’ll want to stop by the massive, U-shaped bar for an Anchor Steam, PBR or some other such beer-flavored beverage. When you do, you’ll notice that there’s an extra corner spot jutting out at the front of the bar. It’s because the bartender/owners who know that a bar’s corner spot is prime real estate designed it that way.

When you’re ready for a square meal, drop into the wooden booths for one of the daily specials—like tonight’s bouillabaisse—or maybe just a hot dog threaded into a toasted baguette.

Just don’t call it a Le Hot Dog.


Dear Mom
2700 16th St
(at Harrison)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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