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Downtown’s Shrine to Sandwiches and Scotch

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Getting around Downtown can be tough.

The one-way loops. The L.A. Live crowds. The endless shoots of Law & Order: SVUNCISCSI.

So when you come across an astounding rural farmhouse overstuffed with cheese carts, flatbreads, deli sandwiches and cocktails featuring gelatinous scotch... you kind of want to stay put.

Which brings us to Artisan House, a towering rustic maze serving lunch, brunch, dinner, drinks and whatever else you can think of, now soft-open on the ground floor of the Pacific Electric Lofts.

In short, this place will remind you of Bottega Louie, the do-everything spot a few blocks away. Just sub out the Italian vibe for a rustic/organic/rooftop-herb-garden feel.

You could drop by the deli counter for a quick Reuben to go, but... you’re likely to get distracted. By, say, shelves bursting with organic wine, artisan sodas and olive oil. Four carts stocked with aperitifs, charcuterie and chocolates rolling through two dining rooms and a patio. And a long mahogany bar slinging liquid-nitrogen margaritas and Blood N Sands, which involve a big, gelatinous cube of scotch (sort of a classier Jell-O shot).

So that quick work lunch might segue into a quick drinks date. And then five bags of fresh produce, a feast of duck prosciutto and steak frites with friends... and cocktails and tomato bisque with loft-dwelling vegans.

These things happen.

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