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Let’s take a quick gander at your holiday shopping list:

1. Blazer for the brother
2. Scarf for Grandma
3. A vintage 1940s desk clock for the boss
4. A chandelier from a medieval castle for Mom
5. An inflatable minibar for Uncle Roy

Allow us to help you with numbers one through four. (Good luck with the fifth one.)

Take a look at Original Octane, a handsome new shop with dapper men’s clothes and antiques, now open.

This place feels like a breezy beach home—a white wooden ceiling and teak furniture that’s been outfitted with all the essentials: jeans, button-down shirts, a gold chandelier from a Belgian fortress. (You know, the basics.)

Obviously, you’ll want to keep this in mind for the holidays. Here you can get a pair of rugged Tellason jeans for Dad, a silk Fifteen Twenty blouse for Sis, a coffee table made from a railroad dolly for Mom, and for Gramps, a 1920s basketball mask from back when they played in cages. (It’s what Horace Grant would have worn.)

But don’t forget to get something for yourself, like a pair of USA-made RVTS jeans. To ensure they’re the perfect length, enlist the service of Octane’s 1970s Union Special Lock Stitch machine—essentially, a fancy jean-sewing machine brought in straight from the Levi’s factory floor.

You have been pretty good this year.


Original Octane
3120 Knox St
Dallas, TX, 75205


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