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Finding Fashion in a Liquor Store

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When a bar dies in New York, it doesn't go to heaven.

Or hell for that matter. (No matter what you've done in the bathroom.)

It gets reincarnated; and more often than not as a bank or a dry cleaner. But you may have spotted a recent trend...call it the Next Best Thing Syndrome.

Opening tomorrow in Tribeca in the former Liquor Store Bar is Tribeca Men's Shop at the Liquor Store, J.Crew's answer to the Varvatos-ing of CBGB, and a men's boutique that may actually pour you a glass of scotch if you ask nicely.

Fret not: This is not your standard J.Crew store dressed in snazzy pajamas. Make the Saturday afternoon jaunt to the west side (or walk by on your way back from work downtown) and you'll fall into a cozy space anchored by a large wooden bar and covered in gentlemanly knickknacks and interesting art (Andy Spade, fresh off parting ways with Jack Spade, and partner Anthony Sperduti consulted on the store). 

You'll also find an extremely approachable, well-curated selection of J.Crew limited editions (suits, cashmeres), outside collaborations (Mackintosh coats, Thomas Mason shirting), best-in-breed gear (Alden shoes, Baracuta jackets) and vintage finds (tie bars, old Rolexes) that will help you tie together the classic American Steve McQueen look you've been cultivating.

They're even hosting a rotating art exhibition in the changing rooms.

You should fit right in.


J.Crew Tribeca Men's Shop
235 W. Broadway
(at White)
New York, NY, 10013


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