Hangover Stew

The Hangover

A Hearty Stew Made with Beer

None Thursday: there will be turkey. There will be stuffing. And to get through all this quality family time, there will likely be... a crate or two of whiskey.

Friday: the city will be pillaged by deranged shoppers who’ll stop at nothing for a $100 flat-screen.

So we suggest you lay low with a new hangover cure. Maybe a nice warm bowl of thick beer soup...

Presenting Hangover Stew, a new take on a Korean classic that involves lots of beer in a bowl, launching on Black Friday at Ahn-Joo in the depths of the Americana mall.

This thing brings with it some history. It’s based on an old Korean favorite called gamjatang, a warm broth of pork and potatoes that comes with a hefty kick of spice and hot peppers said to help you sweat out your toxins. Like a gym, without all that exercise.

But the woman behind your favorite Korean fried-chicken truck has gone ahead and retooled this stew’s formula at her new brick-and-mortar spin-off at the Americana. So when you take your first sip on Friday, you’ll detect the pork and potatoes, but also two cans’ worth of Singha beer dropped in every giant bowl, thus creating a hair-of-the-dog kind of situation.

Generally, you support this kind of situation.


Hangover Stew
available at Ahn-Joo<br>at Americana at Brand
668 American Way
Glendale, CA, 91210

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