The Black Room

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A Speakeasy That Also Serves Clothes

About today’s subject, three things must be said right away:

1. It’s private.
2. There aren’t many memberships to go around.
3. You’d like to have one of them.

So say hello to The Black Room, a new private styling service and second-floor hideaway from the mastermind behind Lost Boys, officially opening on Black Friday and accepting inquiries for membership now.

If your favorite speakeasy started selling highly curated designer suits, denim and accessories, it might be like this: a bar made from petrified wood, whiskey upon your arrival and corrugated metal warehouse doors that reveal clothes in only your size.

Your membership entitles you to three appointments per year, so you’ll want to reserve them for special situations. Like a party on Dan Snyder’s yacht with Timothy Geithner and January Jones. (Happens all the time.)

You’ll have already told Kelly, the stylist/owner, what you’re looking for, so when you arrive, you’ll get at least three head-to-toe options—some stuff from Lost Boys, some exclusive new collections, pieces flown in specially from New York, maybe a one-off leather jacket she picked up in her travels.

But, dare we say, that isn’t the best part. The best part is the events—details are still in the works, but think private, intimate nights with bartenders and chefs.

If you’d like a bespoke chef coat, she can probably do that, too.


The Black Room
at Lost Boys
1033 31st St NW
(between K and M)
Washington, DC, 20007

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