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Mezcal and Nachos on Union Street

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You’ve changed.

Somewhere along the way, you turned out to be something else.

Something considerably less Canadian...

Oh, sorry. We weren’t talking to you. We were talking to the restaurant behind you.

It’s called 4 Corners (formerly Unwind), a totally reborn Southwestern restaurant in Cow Hollow, now open.

While maybe not 100% geographically correct, the menu at 4 Corners will be at your beck and call the next time you’re looking for hearty, spiced-up fare that leans more heavily toward the New Mexican/Yucatán tradition than anything you’d find in Utah.

You can still come in to watch the games on the six flat-screens in the glass-covered patio out back. But now, since the lighting’s better and the deeper-hued walls and dark wood tables make the space feel like a low-key yet intimate hangout in Santa Fe, this could also serve as a casual date spot to keep in your arsenal for an easy weeknight.

Tuck away in the leather banquette adjacent to the bar and next to the elevated lounge for easy access to cocktails like the mezcal/scotch concoction known as the Distinguished Bandido. Then, for food, go for their signature tri-tip nachos and duck confit flautas—all conceived by a Foreign Cinema chef.

Or if those aren’t enough, the Ranch-Style Cowboy Steak ought to take care of you.

Cowboy steak has a way of doing that.

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