Into the Aether

An RV Full of Winter Gear

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You may have to break one of your rules today.

The one about never going into a stranger’s RV.

Trust us, you’ll be fine.

And significantly more waterproof.

Presenting Aetherstream, a 34-foot refurbished Airstream that’s parked in SoHo and peddling Aether’s aesthetically pleasing/virtually indestructible line of jackets, now open till New Year’s.

The idea is to duck into this pop-up-on-wheels before the elements deteriorate any further. Inside, you’ll find the kind of trailer Sir Edmund Hillary probably road-tripped in when he wasn’t planting flags on Everest. Floors of rugged, reclaimed white oak. Walls lined with old splitting axes, ham radios and framed exotic vacation photos. Also: a fireplace to warm up by if you’re chilly. And a bottle of Macallan 25 to take a pull from if you’re really chilly.

Now, the instinct to kick off your shoes, grab a mug of single malt and stretch out on the sofa will be strong. But remind yourself that you don’t live here. And you need a new jacket.

At your disposal: the full complement of Aether gear. Seam-sealed trenches that fit directly over your suit. Ripstop Japanese nylon hoodies built to withstand Vail’s backcountry (or the 6 train in December). And our humble suggestion: a desert-grey military field jacket made from the same thermally insulated cotton used by British Hurricane pilots during WWII.

After the Franco-Prussian, easily the rainiest war ever fought.


47 Prince St
(between Lafayette and Mulberry)
New York, NY, 10012


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