Things to do for November 17, 2011

The Weekender

This Weekend: Johnny Cash and Turkey Bowling

The weekend just texted Rick Perry the third thing.

Half-Off Southern Gear at Billy Reid

Half-Off Southern Gear at Billy Reid

Your first choice for winter threads with a hint of Southern charm is taking up to 50% off their fall duds. Meaning: you can stock your winter closet with cashmere jackets, leather boots, plaid button-downs and navy cardigans. Unfortunately, you cannot take their whiskey home.

Nov 17-20, Billy Reid, 70 Highland Park Village, 214-346-0010

Getting Thanksgiving to Go

Getting Thanksgiving to Go

Thanksgiving’s a lot of labor: the cooking, the carving... the roll-passing. Or, you know, place a pickup order for a full-on feast at Highland Park Village. They’ll prepare a meal for up to 10 relatives with turkey, stuffing, cranberries and pumpkin pie. Save your energy for nap time.

Two New Ways to Power-Lunch

Two New Ways to Power-Lunch

Option 1: Morton’s is firing up their grill for eight special afternoons in December. Think lobster bisque and rib eyes. (Because that’s what they’re serving.) Option 2: Private | Social is finally opening their doors at 11am for lamb burgers and Surf n’ Turf Sushi. Option 3: Sorry. Oops.

Now open for lunch, Private | Social, 3232 McKinney Ave, 214-754-4744; open for lunch Dec 8-9, 14-16, 20-22, Morton’s, 2222 McKinney Ave, 214-741-2277

Walk the Line on a Massive Screen

<em>Walk the Line</em> on a Massive Screen

The weather: still not freezing. To celebrate, you’ll head to an outdoor screen with 1,000 other movie lovers and watch a film about Johnny Cash. Go early, grab a cocktail and claim one of the 500 chairs. It’s hard to tap your foot to “Jackson” on a blanket.

Turkey Bowling, Now a Thing

Turkey Bowling, Now a Thing

Yes, this is happening. You and your bowling shoes can head to Three Sheets, enjoy some gratis whiskey, and grab a frozen turkey (ideally a 12-pounder) and gracefully heave it toward the bowling pins. Finally, an excuse to use your refrigerated bowling bag.

Nov 23, 10pm-1am, Three Sheets, 3113 Ross Ave, 214-823-3113

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