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Whiskey and Comfort Food on a WeHo Porch

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You just felt it last night. There’s a chill in the air. A nip, if you will.

You could go inside... or stow away on WeHo’s classiest new back porch and warm up with some pork chops and whiskey. (Also: heat lamps.)

Assuming you’re way more into option B:

Take a look at the breezy, idyllic Sherbourne, a new alfresco hideaway of meats, booze and mashed potato carts, opening tomorrow.

Since it’s technically almost winter and there’s technically no roof over most of this place, bring somebody who’s willing to squeeze in close under a rustling ficus tree and the occasional dangling Edison bulb. Theoretically, this might be a date. Start with a Town and Country (whiskey, bourbon and bacon bits) or a Carrot Carpaccio, with gin, Cointreau, rosemary and, yes, slices of carrot. Your veggies: handled.

But it’s hidden around the corner from the Beverly (from the same owners), so you could also squeeze half a dozen friends into a giant booth to fuel up with some real food before your night goes down—think rack of lamb, Kurobuta pork chops or a burger topped with pork belly.

Either way, you’ll want to summon the roving mashed potato cart—it’s stocked with three types (purple, sweet and Yukon), and toppings from basil to truffle oil, to be mixed tableside.

Your potato specifications are notoriously strict.

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