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Where to Get a Motorcycle and a Leather Jacket

None It’s a classic tale.

A husband-and-wife team. Loves motorcycles. Rolls that love into a... clothing business. Knocks it out of the park.

Well, it’s a classic now.

It’s called Bench & Loom, and it’s an all-purpose site of drool-worthy classic men’s jackets, bags and the occasional vintage hog, online now.

So say you’re planning a little road trip—something about “going home” and “giving thanks.” Naturally, you’ll require a quarter-million-dollar Brough Superior bike to get you there. And, of course, a Chapal leather biker jacket to wear while you ride. And a French-designed “luxury helmet” to protect your dome. Oh yeah, and definitely a Garbstore Royal Air Force–style cardigan for... you know, under the jacket. For all of those things, you’ll come here.

What you’ll also find: “Men of Character,” where you’ll see a field coat that looks like Hemingway would’ve hunted in it, amidst images and stories about Papa himself. (Also, a goatskin bota bag right out of The Sun Also Rises.) There’s also “Phoenix Project,” where they’ll take an iconic movie—say, James Dean’s Giant (the film, not his oft-rumored seven-foot manservant)—and choose some prime style pieces from it, which you’ll then vote on. The piece with the most votes will be commissioned for a limited-edition run.

Ron Burgundy’s maroon blazer: only a matter of time.

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