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An Arsenal of Cold-Weather Sunglasses

So you’re losing an hour of daylight this weekend. Big deal. You’ve still got six or seven perfectly sunny ones left. More than enough time to justify investing in some cold-weather shades. Below, an arsenal of frames matched to your many scheduled fall/winter occasions. Never let them see the whites of your freezing-cold eyes.

Aviators for the Pacific Theater

Aviators for the Pacific Theater

The Execution: Classic pilot sunglasses: chrome frame, flexible earpiece and that telltale aviator bar.
The Look: Douglas MacArthur on shore leave.
Pairs With: Toothpicks, bomber jackets, anything made by Lockheed Martin.

A Charitable Pair of Wayfarers

A Charitable Pair of Wayfarers

The Execution: Wayfarer tortoiseshell frames with hand-painted orange tips.
The Look: Irish frontman with a heart of gold. For each pair you buy, a donation is made to help the visually impaired.
Pairs With: Tweed, Stove Top, family angst.

Sunglasses for Working the Sidelines

Sunglasses for Working the Sidelines

The Execution: Single-bridge German aviators made from vintage Rodenstock frames. Available in inferno red.
The Look: Head coach of the ’85 Bears.
Pairs With: Portable grills, seats on the 50, a well-executed West Coast offense.

The Eyewear Equivalent of Advil

The Eyewear Equivalent of Advil

The Execution: Wraparound titanium blackout shades with leather or metal mesh blinder cups.
The Look: Warmed-over death. Feeling like you slept on the sidewalk.
Pairs With: Day-old tuxedos, Bloody Marys, easily broken resolutions.

Thom Browne x Dita, available at Thom Browne, 100 Hudson St, 212-633-1197

The Statement Shades

The Statement Shades

The Execution: Silver, squarish, ski-goggle-style lenses with an attached mink headband.
The Look: Bond villain turned indie art house director.
Pairs With: Ten-gallon hats, three-picture deals, alligator-skin snowboard.

The Nicholson-Approved Indoor Option

The Nicholson-Approved Indoor Option

The Execution: Jet-black sunglasses with a ’60s-style saddle bridge and square silhouette.
The Look: Like you’re about to tell Spike Lee that he’s in your seat.
Pairs With: Ewing jerseys, Knicks City Dancers, jumbotron close-ups.

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