Skeptical Investigation

Jogging Tours with Attractive Women

None We’re lovers. You know that. But every now and again, something comes across our desks that just seems... suspicious. Because of the tremendous material upside to all our lives if these claims pan out, we at times put ourselves in harm’s way to investigate. Albeit skeptically.

We call it: Skeptical Investigation. (Copyright still pending.)

A service, dubbed Prettygirl City Tours, will set you up with historical tours of the city, led by a pretty girl. Oh, and you’ll both be jogging.

First, we visited the site and chose our tour...

Wait, that’s a lie. First we perused the Prettygirls. Then we found out you can’t choose your guide. So we selected one of the seven routes and hoped for the best.

A few days later, we’re at our appointed starting point (Times Square). We meet with our jogger/amateur historian (who’s also a corporate lawyer), and jog.

And learn. That Virgin Megastore: once a vaudeville theater. Central Park: some Frenchmen once tried to make it their private backyard. And we’re still jogging. Around 72nd and Broadway, we finish with a slight sweat and a wealth of new trivia.

If you go in expecting the perfect balance of Usain Bolt, National Lampoon’s Vacation–era Christie Brinkley and a PhD in local history... you may be disappointed. But if you like the girl-next-door type, you’ll be sufficiently motivated. And hey, there was jogging.


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