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Sweaters, Jackets and Peacoats for Winter

This just in: it’s going to be cold out there. Not today, not the next day, but soon.<br /> <br /> And thanks to a groundbreaking <a target="_blank" href="">combo of science and the Internet</a>, we (sort of) know how cold it will be on five key dates to come. We’ve also tracked down precisely what to wear on those dates. You’re welcome.

The Steve McQueen Cardigan at Barbour

The Steve McQueen Cardigan at Barbour

The Date: November 24, Thanksgiving Day
The Temp: Low 50s
The Solution: Consider this high-necked, soft lambswool sweater just the thing for chasing down that turkey delivery truck aboard your motorcycle. Among the nice touches: a front pocket, subtle American flag patch and football buttons. Although you’d call them soccer buttons.

$399, available at Barbour, 3221 M St NW, 202-298-6032

The Classic Mac Trench at Lost Boys

The Classic Mac Trench at Lost Boys

The Date: December 24
The Temp: Mid-40s
The Solution: Bad news: it’s your last shopping day before Christmas. Worse news: our weather experts are predicting a cold drizzle. Enter this water-resistant twill trench, with a removable liner and plaid-lined hood. Introduce yourself as “Inspector.”

$495, available at Lost Boys, 1033 31st St NW, 202-333-0093

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Peacoat

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Peacoat

The Date: December 31
The Temp: Low 30s
The Solution: There are peacoats. Then there’s this. Fully lined, with horn buttons and the heaviest wool this side of the British Navy. Just the thing for your usual alfresco ball drop (aka your rooftop champagne toast).

The Rag & Bone Varsity Jacket

The Rag & Bone Varsity Jacket

The Date: January 9
The Temp: Mid-30s
The Solution: On this night, you’ll be watching the college football championship (at least that’s what they want you to believe). So you can look the part in this wool number with leather sleeves. Besides, you’ve still got a few years of eligibility left.

$695, available at Rag & Bone, 3067 M St NW, 202-295-9072

The Portland Collection Jacket

The Portland Collection Jacket

The Date: February 2
The Temp: Mid-40s
The Solution: On Groundhog Day, you’re going to want something a little versatile. Like this medium-weight, multi-pocketed virgin wool jacket from Pendleton, the 150-year-old Portland, Oregon, manufacturer. Goes well with coffee.

$450, available at M29 Lifestyle, 2800 Pennsylvania Ave NW, 202-295-2829

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