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Korean-Spiked Italian in Beverly Hills

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You’ve got a healthy respect for tradition. Especially the three-martini lunch.

But all traditions could use a twist. And by twist we mean seaweed.

Take a look at Erbe Matte, a new Korean-Italian power spot for pasta, scallops and seaweed-spiked martinis, opening tomorrow in Beverly Hills.

Think of this as the less fussy alternative to Scarpetta and Bouchon just down the street—totally nice, totally bright and totally appropriate as a spot to pitch Ryan Murphy your American Horror Story spin-off. (Let’s just say it focuses on the maid.)

Take a seat on the white and beige front patio at lunch—if it’s a liquid one, you’ll want to try the Walden Drive, which is basically a dirty martini rimmed with sesame seeds, and with a bunch of seaweed fanning out from inside the olive.

But at dinner, you’ll prefer to head inside for a more discreet table in the back corner, with white linens and plenty of pillows along the wall. You’ll start with some familiar-ish Italian—there’s plenty of spaghetti, penne and seafood. But the chef’s other Italian restaurants happen to be in Korea, and the menu here also involves some gal-bi-zzim (it’s a short rib stew) or bi-bim-bap (steamed rice with veggies and a fried egg).

You always loved that Hanson song.

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