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A Flatiron Shrine to Lasagna

None Italian grandmothers.

If you have one, you know the magic.

If you don’t, well, we’re sorry. Also: there’s a Flatiron restaurant that would like to be your Nonna.

Meet Tommy Lasagna, a home-style pastaria that’s intensely devoted to one of Southern Italy’s most iconic comfort foods (we’ll give you three guesses as to which), opening next week.

You know lasagna’s deal. You love lasagna’s deal. A little meat, a little cheese, the occasional cameo by eggplant. But you wouldn’t be opposed to a little experimentation. Especially if the experiment calls for lobster tail.

You’ll come here to fuel up before, say, a marathon (New York or Breaking Bad, doesn’t really matter). The look: carved Italian marble bar. Hewn-wood wine racks. Banquettes. Nothing too crazy, but that’s where the lasagna comes in.

On any given day, there’ll be as many as 12 lasagna recipes to contend with. And contend you shall. If you’re after the classic, try the Tommy (a combination of Bolognese, béchamel and baked mozzarella). If you’re looking to broaden your pasta horizons, there’s that lobster with sherry sauce number, or an option layered with black truffle. And if you’re thinking about treating lasagna less as a meal and more as a lifestyle choice, there’ll be both breakfast and lunch service.

Also known as going full Garfield.


Tommy Lasagna
119 E 18th St
(between Park and Irving)
New York, NY, 10003

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