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Gearing Up for Fall at Acre/SF

Sure, it was almost 80 yesterday, but we can feel the Indian summer slipping away like a lumbering cruise liner bound for sunnier shores. Which means it’s getting cold out, and you’ll need warmer clothes. Preferably from a hybrid shop/café that brews Blue Bottle Coffee to order. Behold: <em>Acre/SF</em> and your fall shopping list...

A Felt Topper Made in Pennsylvania

A Felt Topper Made in Pennsylvania

What: A classic, brown, felted-wool porkpie hat blocked by hand in Pennsylvania.
Why: Sometimes your fedora looks a little too lumpy.
When: Your next jazz date, or when you need to channel the silent film star type.

Flannels and Oxfords from Gitman

Flannels and Oxfords from Gitman

What: The button-down savants behind Gitman dug into their archives for these flannels and oxfords.
Why: The fabric they use today is from the same cloth from the same mill used for the first shirt they made in 1978.
When: For those times when you wonder what the ’70s felt like. Literally.

A Tweed Blazer out of SoCal

A Tweed Blazer out of SoCal

What: A basic wool tweed that’s happy-hour and fine-dining friendly.
Why: Tweed will always have a place in your closet.
When: To the Masters of Venice exhibit opening at the de Young. Pipe optional.

Hand-Sewn Deck Boots from Pointer

Hand-Sewn Deck Boots from Pointer

What: A sturdy boot with white soles that won’t scuff up the deck of your yacht.
Why: Waxed suede exterior. Fluffy wool lining.
When: Anytime the temps drop below 60, or wherever there’s a roaring fireplace.

Gunmetal Wallet from Makr

Gunmetal Wallet from Makr

What: A sewn-by-hand leather pocket wallet with an antique nickel snap closure.
Why: Not many colors evoke that same sense of security in a wallet as “gunmetal.”
When: Daily, unless you’ve got a sugar mama.

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