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Southern BBQ in the Heart of the Marina

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There’s something to be said for a good, solid smoke.

Stoking the flame. Drawing it all in. The buzz.

Mmm, brisket.

And there’s about to be a lot more of that in your future...

Introducing Cedar Hill, a little Texas-inspired smokehouse doling out all kinds of Low Country– and Hill Country–style proteins with just the right amount of Southern charm, soft-opening Thursday in the Marina.

Now, you’re probably thinking that anything even remotely connected to the Lone Star State has to be larger than life. But what this sliver of an eatery lacks in size, it’ll make up for in heaping piles of brisket, baby back ribs and ham. And you’ll have the fire-engine-red smoker shipped directly from Texas to thank for that.

While Cedar Hill is named after co-owner/chef Jon’s family ranch outside of Dallas, there are only hints of farm life—a few random Esso maps, photos of Jon’s grandfather on the farm and some horseshoes and other ranch tools—in this otherwise bright, modern joint.

Follow that memorabilia wall to the zinc-topped bar for a Shiner Bock or the Scrimshaw pilsner. Opt for the Carolina pulled-pork sandwich or make a meat-and-three combo of grits, collards and mac and cheese with the Texas beef brisket served on butcher paper with pickles and white bread.

Apparently plates aren’t big in Texas.


Cedar Hill
3242 Scott St
(at Chestnut)
San Francisco, CA, 94123


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