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All weekend you were dying for a piece.

You weren’t overly picky in your desires, either. It just needed to be hot... and sweet... and moist.

Yes, we’re talking about pie. And we know where you can find a slice.

Introducing The Pie Hole, your new go-to for all things lattice-crust-related, opening tomorrow Downtown from the former GM at Eveleigh.

Let’s get one thing straight: this is not a bakery. It’s a pie shop. You won’t find too much fuss when you walk in—just a simple room with wood tables, steel chairs and some concrete. Oh yeah, and plenty of fresh-baked pies. Every day they’ll have four or five of them available by the slice—everything from Becky’s Apple Crumb to Peanut Butter Pretzel to Southern Confetti (with pecan, coconut and graham cracker).

You’ll want to pair it with one of the pure-cane-sugar sodas from the fridge—or better yet, with a hot cup of Groundwork coffee roasted specifically for the shop. (And by all means: add a scoop of French vanilla bean ice cream to your pie.)

But in case you and your writing partner/Internet date/stomach are hungry for something a little more savory, you’ll want to order one of the takeout-friendly hand pies stuffed with things like pork and mac and cheese.

No, you can’t top them with ice cream.

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