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Playing Dodgeball on 26 Trampolines

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Today, we come to discuss two glorious staples of yore:

Dodgeball, that challenge of agility, strength and trying not to get hit in the crotch.

And trampolines, those magical bounce pads for your Cirque du Soleil–style maneuvering.

Finally, one very brilliant mind has combined the two.

Meet Trampoline Dodgeball, a night of, yep, pickup dodgeball on trampolines, playing every Wednesday night at Jumpstreet.

If Kerri Strug and White Goodman went into business together, they would open something like Jumpstreet—a massive room in Plano, stuffed with 26 trampolines.

Sometime before Wednesday, you’ll want to round up seven friends who know their way around a trampoline (or at least seem like they do). Once you’ve arrived, tell the manager, Mazin, you want the next game.

The rules are simple: it’s eight on eight, best of three, and if you win you keep on playing. Your first challenge will probably be against the most skilled athletes in the world (aka the Jumpstreet staff), and soon you’ll find yourself jumping higher and becoming more and more accurate on your new battleground.

And after the last ball has been dodged (via backflip, of course), we recommend a swan dive into their padded pool filled with foam squares.

Or just dump the Gatorade cooler on Coach.


Trampoline Dodgeball
at Jumpstreet
6505 W Park Blvd
Plano, TX, 75093


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