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Quill pens. Russians. The 19th century.

No, not categories on Jeopardy. Rather, they’re all related to your dinner plans next week...

Introducing Trade, your gorgeous new home for flatbreads and Greenway views in a National Historic Landmark, tentatively opening next week at Atlantic Wharf.

Brought to you by Jody Adams of Rialto and Top Chef Masters fame, this is a place with several functions. First, you’ll want to use it as a post-work decompression chamber, bellying up to the marble bar for a Boston Hooch (Bully Boy white whiskey, yellow Chartreuse, lemon) and a steady stream of flatbread pizzas (flatbread pizzas = relaxation).

Or you can grab a communal dining table (and 11 friends), order up a few fried-dough starters (yes, starters) and drink up the history of your surroundings. The original exposed brick and steel crossbeams are still around, dating back to a time when clipper ships traded quill pens with Russians here (seems fitting to order a Russian Wharf in their honor).

Then again, you may just want to grab a date and sink into one of the wide, throne-ish leather booths in the back corner, spending the evening discussing international sailing routes of trading ships in the late 19th century.

Ah, first date banter...


at Atlantic Wharf
540 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA, 02110


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