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By UrbanDaddy Staff ·

You never forget the little things she adores. Of course, a small army of personal shoppers and helpful assistants—not to mention those pre-programmed Outlook reminders—have always been your secret ally.

Sometimes, however, little things require the most discretion—and outsourcing is not a good option, if you know what we mean. Fortunately, Bucktown's G Boutique has you (and her) covered with an under-the-radar mail-order service called Panty of the Month. You may want to think of it as an auto bill pay for your love life.

Becoming a member of this club couldn't be easier. Simply visit the G Boutique website, click "Panty of the Month," and choose between two popular labels, Hanky Panky and Cosabella, as well as her size. If you're more adventurous, and something tells us you are, select the Grab Bag option, which pulls each month's selection from a variety of designers. She'll receive a silky new present each month for the next year, along with a poem composed by G Boutique's completely female staff. All with your compliments, of course.

We'd say it pays for itself in, oh, about a night.


Panty of the Month
2131 N. Damen Ave
(between Webster and Armitage)
Chicago, IL, 60647

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