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Some Futuristic Popcorn with Your Jazz

None You go to a movie, you’re going to have some popcorn.

You go to a swanky jazz night in an intimate Beverly Hills hotel... the popcorn had better be upgraded accordingly. Maybe flown in from Vegas, flavored like buffalo wings and frozen in some liquid nitrogen.

Just throwing it out there.

Introducing Popped, a curious new brand of molecular gastronomy popcorn that’s now being served at Bar Noir during Wednesday jazz nights (yes, that includes tonight).

So say you have a date this evening, and you’re looking for a spot that’s a little off the grid. You need wine, sure. But you also need something... extra.

Work your way to a random side street in Beverly Hills. Duck into Maison 140’s tiny wine bar, where they’ve managed to make space for jazz guy Matthew Haze (he’s played for Gaga, so you know he’s legit).

Then summon your waiter and ask for some of this popcorn. It comes from a strange new shop in Vegas that dips its kernels in liquid nitrogen—so when you eat a handful, don’t be surprised if it tastes a little like the future.

Tonight’s three available flavors: buffalo wing, blue cheese and dill pickle. But flavors change every week, so next time it might be salt and vinegar, s’mores, and cookies and cream.

No word on “popcorn” flavor.


at Bar Noir in Maison 140
140 Lasky Dr
Beverly Hills, CA, 90212

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