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Downtown’s Sexy New Burger Den

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The world of burgers is like a high-stakes poker match.

Okay, LA, we’ll see your bacon caramel burgers—and raise you some burgers topped with mashed potatoes and gravy. Or maybe with eggs over easy and hash browns.

Welcome to The Escondite, Downtown’s new under-the-radar escape for deranged burgers, now open.

First off, we have to say: that eggs-and-hash-browns burger (they call it the Capt Kangaroo) could save you next time you have a hangover to power through—they’re open at 11am every day.

But that aside, this is the kind of place to hit after dark and stay awhile—they’re open until 2am. Commandeer some picnic tables outside if you came with a bunch of friends, or grab a low-lit red booth inside if you’re with a date. There’s brick. Antler chandeliers. Posters about outlaws. And some oddball burgers like the Truckstopper (topped with garlic mashed potatoes, provolone and gravy) and the Boss Hogg with sour cream and vegetarian chili.

As for your lingering questions at this point: yes, there’s a full bar. Yes, they’ve got Downtown Brown ale on tap. And yes, just for the hell of it, they’ve got a burger named after Dr. Joyce Brothers.

As any self-respecting burger joint should.


The Escondite
410 Boyd St
Los Angeles, CA, 90013


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