Savvy Outfitter Lands on the LES

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint. Other times, however, you just need to get the hell out of Dodge… Even if Dodge is Brooklyn and not-Dodge is one subway stop away.

Joining us in Manhattan after a year of exile (OK, growth) in the far, far away land of DUMBO is (former) Brooklyn clothier Gargyle, opening Tuesday on the LES/Chinatown blur line.

We've long been fans of Gargyle for their knack for bringing you the next label you'll want to wear before you know you want to wear it. Think Rogues Gallery, Corpus, 3:33 Footwear, Mjolk and timoWallets. Plus, their retro-modern-country-club showroom—and their slick little website—have always been good for quick in-and-out, painless shopping.

But now you can actually drop by on a whim when you need to stock up for your fall wardrobe, say hey to Don and Nhung and see some of the latest and greatest lines that they've selected to foist on those in the know (remember, that's you). So if you're looking to push the envelope a bit more (and you always are), recent additions include Swedish favorites Acne Jeans, Billykirk's rustic man-bags and lines from New York staple stores BBlessing and Opening Ceremony.

You always knew you shopped better on this side of the East River anyway.


16A Orchard St
(at Canal)
Lower East Side
New York, NY, 10002

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