Pink: A Love Courier Service

Bottled-Up Emotions

FedEx for the Love Struck

Despite its high-tech charms, your new iPhone still can't write a decent love poem. And when you're attempting to woo the object of your affection, emoticons aren't going to cut it (or at least they shouldn't).

That's why we think you'll fall for Pink: A Love Courier Service, a free love-note messenger operation that just rolled into Bucktown.

Pink is actually a piece of temporary, high-concept performance art—it's only here for three weeks—that combines the speed of bicycle delivery with your own witty expressions of amor. And as conceptual art goes, it's really quite practical.

You enter the "love factory" (actually, the basement of St. Paul's Cultural Center), walk along florescent dotted lines and check in with a gum-snapping receptionist. You'll get a slip of hot-pink paper, then continue on your way to a vintage Speed King typewriter, where you will channel your inner D.H. Lawrence—or at least Rod McKuen.

After addressing it and placing it on the overhead conveyor, your note is rolled up and inserted into a tiny glass bottle, then sorted by zip. Soon, one of a crew of volunteer bike messengers will dart out to hand-deliver your amorous missive.

From there, we're pretty sure you can take it yourself...


Pink: A Love Courier Service
2215 W. North Ave
(between Levitt and Bell)
Wicker Park
Chicago, IL, 60647

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