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New Faster Errand and Delivery Service

Your local Duane Reade is only a block away. But with your luck, you'll run into someone you know as you're stocking up on Rogaine, Imodium or Preparation H ("for someone else"). Besides, some days you're too sick—or occupied—to get out of bed.

MaxDelivery is a new errand-running service that delivers products you would find in a drugstore, grocery and video store within an hour of the time you specify (the DVD selection is pretty slim, but there's a decent range of drugstore items). They showed up at our door, at 7 p.m. on a weeknight, in 10 minutes with our batteries, toilet paper and Hot Pockets.

Don't expect a grocery selection like FreshDirect, or Netflix's range of movies—this is a quick-and-dirty service that emphasizes speed and breadth over depth.

Still, you can get five kinds of chicken noodle soup and 15 sub-categories of adult movies—even if it's not exactly what you want, at least you won't risk running into your ex while you're renting Steel Magnolias...or Missionary Position: Impossible.

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