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Your Private Island Resort in Cambodia

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You don’t require much of your island retreats.

They should be far-flung. They should offer ample opportunity to use the word “jetty.” And ideally, they should contain some kind of buried treasure.

Well, two out of three ain’t bad...

Welcome to Song Saa Private Island, a new resort on a set of two untouched islands in Cambodia, soft-opening in December and taking reservations now.

Take a couple virgin islands (the name Song Saa means “sweethearts” in Khmer) and hand the lease over to an Aussie businessman (who isn’t Rupert Murdoch). Connect them with a footbridge (to protect the marine life), add 25 villas (overwater, beachfront or rainforest), throw in a wellness center and you get this.

You’ll fly into Siem Reap and take an hour-long seaplane ride to Song Saa, where if you choose the two-bedroom Royal Villa (we’re thinking you will), you’ll be ferried to your abode—it has its own jetty. After testing the waters of your private pool, take a look at the spa menu or, even better, the menu of the gourmet Cambodian restaurant. Plan on ordering in.

The next few days you’ll spend hiking virgin rain forest, lounging on white sand beaches, scuba diving or sailing to nearby islands. And when the mood strikes, as it’s wont to do, take your companion down the boardwalk to the island’s overwater sunset champagne bar.

We have no idea what’ll happen next.

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