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The Sexiest New Chalet in Canada

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In the past, when you’ve been asked to choose between three equally attractive options, you’ve always picked D) all of the above.

This has, occasionally, gotten you into trouble.

But we’re talking about skiing—heli, lift and cat, to be precise. And we know a place where the first option comes out the clear winner—but the others are available as strong backups...

Presenting Bighorn Revelstoke, a private eight-suite chalet that’s due to become your new heli-ski home base in British Columbia, taking reservations now for December.

In short, someone decided to build a manse, with a private helipad, in the middle of some of the best heli-skiing terrain in the world—and they’re handing you the keys for seven days. (Use them wisely.)

So say you’re looking to go big this winter. You want to tackle North America’s longest skiable vertical drop (lift-assisted), just after eating a teppanyaki breakfast (to fuel up), but before taking on deep, dry powder from your chauffeured helicopter. Head to Bighorn Revelstoke—a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Calgary and the only place in the world that has the heli-lift-cat trifecta available from one village base—and bring up to 15 of your closest friends. And maybe a Sherpa.

When cat skiing the Selkirks gets too exhausting, unwind with a glass of champagne in the hot tub, or just schedule a screening in the private cinema.

Maybe not The Shining.

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