Things to do for September 22, 2011

The Weekender

Waiter, There’s a Guinness in My Pancakes

The weekend’s favorite movie is <em>Weekend at Bernie’s.</em>

70% Off Hermès

70% Off Hermès

Tomorrow marks the start of fall. Yet for some reason, your neck is still naked. Normally this would be cause for great concern, but Hermès happens to be in a generous mood. Which means signature scarves at sample-sale prices. It’s the hand-knit-cashmere swaddling your jugular so richly deserves.

Sep 22, 9am-8pm; Sep 23-24, 9am-6pm; Hermès at Soiffer Haskin, 317 W 33rd St, 718-747-1656

Some Like It Hot on the High Line

<em>Some Like It Hot</em> on the High Line

Classic films are meant to be seen in theaters. Or atop elevated train yards. So this Friday, you’ll climb the High Line to catch a glimpse of Marilyn Monroe in all her black-and-white glory. They just don’t make ’em like that anymore. Both movies and outdoor train yard theaters.

The French Riviera of Restaurants

The French Riviera of Restaurants

You’re always in the market for a great date spot. Also, a subway-accessible version of southern France. Killing two birds with one stone: Alain Allegretti’s La Promenade des Anglais. The beachy decor says Mediterranean coast. The scallops and sweetbreads say café in Nice. And the address... says West 23rd.

A Brunch of Guinness Griddle Cakes

A Brunch of Guinness Griddle Cakes

The best cure for a hangover: drinks. Well, either that or a hearty breakfast. Just to be safe, test Jimmy’s No. 43 for brunch this weekend. They’ve borrowed from both schools of thought to create an ale-battered, caramel-stout-sauced Black and Tan Griddle Cake. You’ll take a case.

Sat-Sun starting Sep 24, 11:30am-4pm, Jimmy’s No. 43, 43 E 7th St, 212-982-3006

Momofuku’s New, Improved Pork Bun

Momofuku’s New, Improved Pork Bun

Yup, more Momofuku. The latest coordinates for Chang’s gang: Central Park West. It’ll be the Milk Bar you turn to for post-jog Compost Cookies. And the home of a modified pork bun that’s completely encased in steamed dough and topped with a deep-fried poached egg. Apparently, you can teach an old pork bun new tricks.

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