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Whiskey and Deviled Eggs in Bloomingdale

You’ve got nothing against DJs and dance floors. Or bars with 75 TVs, four deep with Packers fans.

But sometimes, you’d just like an escape. Preferably with a library of 50-plus whiskeys. And maybe some deviled eggs.

A place like the Boundary Stone, a cozy pub opening next week in Bloomingdale where you can while away the winter.

This is the kind of lived-in-looking bar where you can catch college football on the two TVs, or arrive early for a Maryland Crab Roll in the alley-turned-courtyard. And you should. But what you’ll really want to do is pick a chilly, maybe rainy October night and hide away in here for hours on end.

Like this, maybe:

Hour one: you wander in under the neon sign into this room of brick, limestone and wood (sure, you knew it was reclaimed, but you probably didn’t know it was once a snow fence from Wyoming) and cue up a mix of Allman Brothers and Velvet Underground on the jukebox. Your beer: mostly in cans, but they’ll give you a koozie.

Hour two: you get the hankering for bar bites, and they answer with deviled eggs and fried pickle spears.

Hour three: curiosity gets the better of you, so you inquire with the bartender just what’s on that top shelf that’s only accessible via the ladder. The answer: rare stuff like Midleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey and Michter’s Single Barrel Bourbon.

It’ll be spring before you know it.

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