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Seafood and Liquid Nitrogen on Melrose

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Tomorrow you’ve got a very important reservation to make.

It involves hordes of agents, a swirl of colorful tattoos and mysterious puffs of liquid-nitrogen smoke.

Also, some futuristic meat and vodka.

Yes, a certain heavily tattooed Top Chef champ is finally ready to feed you: Michael Voltaggio’s ink. begins taking online reservations tomorrow for its September 21 debut on Melrose.

For a place whose name conjures the decorated forearms of the chef (and about 73% of all skin further down Melrose), the place looks simple and classy—if the restaurant has a tramp stamp, it’s covered up by neutral tones, rustic beams and elegant gray shutters.

To begin: the bar curves out to meet you when you walk in, so you’ll start here. Grab some vodka and find the producer you’re pitching over dinner.

And as for that dinner, you’ve got two options: the eight-seat omakase counter to the right, which is the place to hole up for a near-endless tasting menu, or a table in the main dining room if your Sons of Mad Men pitch won’t take quite that long.

The menu’s still being finalized, but if you’ve sampled this man’s food at the Bazaar or the Dining Room at the Langham, you know he’s not afraid of liquid nitrogen, popcorn that isn’t popcorn and pigeon that tastes like pastrami.

FYI, the vodka tastes like vodka.


8360 Melrose Ave
(at Kings Rd)
Los Angeles, CA, 90069


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